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Descriptive grammar - pictures

An essential part of studying English Studies is descriptive grammar. This subject makes trouble for students - Almost every student has a problem understanding it. Lots of teachers, who teach at elementary school or in High school, have only a superficial knowledge of descriptive grammar. It is not enough knowledge to pass on to their pupils. During my first year in College, I realised that my knowledge about consonants, vowels and the other branches of descriptive grammar was weak. I thought it is high time to made up my lost time. With thought of you, I established this website.

The organs of speech

This picture will let you learn all organs of speech. They will be necessary for further description: the manners and places of articulation.

Places and Manners of Articulation

This scheme will show you places and manners of articulation. You will learn which sounds are voiced and which are voiceless + you will have an opportunity to look at some simple words.


The cardinal vowels are abstract sounds. They do not exist. They are divided into: first and second [ look at numbers ( 1-8 - first; 9-16 - second )]. Thanks to these you can learn sounds for all languages.