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I am originally from Poland, a country with scenic mountains and seaside in the eastern Europe. I was born in Poznań, actually I live in Nowy Tomyśl. I study in a Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages and English studies in Poland.

I am a responsible and reliable person as I never behave in a silly and unpredictable way. My friends can rely on me for advice and assistance when they need it. I am also an optimist as I am often capable of seeing a positive side of even the seemingly most hopless situation. I could say I am sensitive as I generally understand other people’s problems and the way they feel. I am patient but sometimes annoying to have to wait for something for a long time. I am not shy of expressing my opinions or saying anything at all.

I like travelling and learning new langauges, culture, habits as well as getting to know new people. I like sports, mostly basketball, tennis, but also cycling, listening to classical and rock music and wandering through literature and sometimes abstract philosophical writings.

Mateusz Kosierb